Sidime Blanton Collection

San Antonio Ethnic Art Society  Abaraka Awards Committee  19141 Stone Oak Parkway Box #104  San Antonio, Texas 78232
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Aissatou Sidime-Blanton and Stewart Blanton collect original visual art primarily by African American female artists based in the United States. The collection includes works by Dr. Amalia Amaki, Bernice Appelin-Williams, Barbara Bullock, Letitia Huckaby, Lauren Kelley, Arleen Polite, Missionary Mary Proctor, Jamea Richmond-Edwards,  Charlotte Riley-Webb, Deborah Roberts, Yvette Watson, Marjorie Williams-Smith, Louis Delsarte, Steve Prince, and  John T. Scott.

The collection has grown with their research into the history of exhibitions and gained introductions to artists by Dallas curator, arts administrator and artist Vicki Meek, Houston curator and art historian Dr. Alvia Wardlaw,  and others, such as gallery owners Norman Parish (deceased) of Washington, DC, Dr. Stella Jones in New Orleans, and photographer Carlton Wilkinson. 

The Blantons are frequent visitors to galleries and exhibitions.  They meet artists to gain insight into their inspirations, working methods, and the complex historical and cultural contexts of their work.

Selections from their collection reveal their interest in how past circumstances influence the present, textures, layering, and art as visual history.